you control electricity and you can bind with button to pass through levels

(made for elmnspace's gamejam the theme was connected , there is much better visuals in the downloadable versions)



Development log


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you should have locked the mouse, because now if for example if the mouse reached the right edge of the screen I won't be able to look to my right but if locked the mouse in the middle I will be able to look anywhere and the mouse will never reach the edge of the screen.

also good idea

thx for the advice i think full screen would fix that sry for it not being locked tho

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i am making a bug fixed version rn i fixed 3 bugs its name and the cursor not being locked and lvl9 had a slope that wasn't supposed to be there i am just uploading the mac version and it will be done

umm for some reason the cursor isnt locked idk how to fix that it should be locked 

did you type

 Cursor.lockState = CursorLockMode.Locked;


wow you didn't even change the project's folders name, if you click run game and then look at the button left you'll understand what I mean, lol

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yeah i did notice that but i don't rly care that much its not like it breaks the game                                                fun fact: i actually forgot to move the directory and the game is made in the wowie jam folder its because i haven't made any new projects in a while its all in one big project i am still learning soo i am not making any games its just trying stuff like( if your on elmn's discord) i made texture out of pixel art (you can see that in the game too)